Bille Mille

Professional Color Consultant

Bill Mille

Growing up in New York, Bill was always attuned to the importance and effect of color and design. After attending college for Display and Interior Design, he spent several years working in boutique design houses, developing a strong client list, and eventually going into work for himself. A few years back, he decided to team up with DJS Painting and it he has been a tremendous asset to the team.

Bill excels at listening to what a client is looking for and the effect they are trying to achieve, then narrowing the options to an accessible array that allows the client to actually achieve their desired look. Working with DJS Painting has given Bill the opportunity to expand his repertoire, and he is currently becoming an expert in painting distressed furniture, an effect he uses for his own personal work, as well as for DJS Painting clients.

Outside of his work, Bill recently finished working for the Willow Glen lifestyles tour, as well as for the San Jose Day Nursery, an organization to help underprivileged children.