Interior Painting

Interior Painting

We care about the needs of our clients before anything else. That’s why, when it comes to Interior Painting, we take precaution to ensure you can still feel comfortable living in your home while we work, and we make sure to complete the job as quickly and cleanly as possible. In addition, we will test colors with you before we begin painting, match current colors, or use our Color Consultants to create an overall color palette that is appropriate for your interior space.

At DJS Painting, we commit to doing the following for your Interior Painting project:

  • We will always protect your flooring during a job.
  • We will move and cover all furniture and artwork, in order to protect your valuables during the painting process; most importantly, we always return your belongings to their original positions during our clean-up process.
  • Whenever we do a ceiling texture-removal, or a wallpaper removal, we will have a DJS Cleaning Crew come to your home to ensure everything is cleaned up completely and disposed of properly
  • Most importantly, we are careful to ensure that proper ventilation is created so that fumes are as minimal as possible.

Additionally, if needed we offer these services:

  • We will remove any old wallpaper where paint will be applied.
  • We will remove acoustic “popcorn” ceilings and re-texture them as necessary; in addition, we can match any textures you want to keep on interior walls that we are painting. Because we know what a messy job this can be, we always have our professional cleaning service come in for the final stage leaving your home as clean as it was when we first arrived – if not cleaner!

Five Stars

“In July, I decided to have the “popcorn” ceiling or acoustic ceiling removed from my 2000 sq ft townhome. I did my due diligence and got 3 quotes- 2 were just over the phone and Don Stover took the time to come over and look at the job required. I was impressed with his honesty on the details of what would be involved. Included in Don’s service is having a cleaning crew wipe, dust off and vacuum the entire house! The cleaning was immaculate and welcomed! I am in sales and I value the motto “the customer first”. Indeed working with Don and DJS, that is true.” – Frank L.