Exterior Painting

Whether you’re painting the exterior of your home for the first time, or have decided you want to update the color in a renovation, DJS Painting can help you choose the best paint colors, and will take measures to ensure you don’t need to repaint again for years to come.  Our Color Consultant will assist you in deciding which areas you should accent on your home, and what colors would work best with one another.  They will consider your home’s landscaping, lighting, exterior décor, the look and feel of your neighborhood, and of course your personal tastes.

At DJS Painting, we pride ourselves on prepping and executing a job correctly every time:

  • All surfaces are power washed prior to painting, in order to ensure effective painting that lasts.
  • All surfaces are thoroughly sanded, and cracks are filled on stucco and wood exterior, allowing for consistent paint coverage.
  • We always use the highest quality paints to ensure lasting finish for years to come; additionally we use specialty materials and priming wherever necessary, guaranteeing uniform painting throughout your exterior.

Five Stars

“Over the last few years DJS has painted the exterior of 4 of my houses, including my own residence, and I have always been thrilled with the whole process, especially the results. What makes DJS Painting stand out from all the rest is their attention to detail. Anyone can slap paint on a wall, but the DJS crew spends a great deal of time preparing the surface, power washing, sealing all the cracks and taping that results in a fantastic paint job.” – Michelle M.